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Platinum Series Vinyl Patio Doors

Our Most Efficient Patio Door Ever • Lifetime Limited Warranty

interior photo of a patio door with a white frame

Our Platinum Series vinyl sliding glass patio doors deliver superior energy efficiency and meet the most stringent industry standards for storm protection, ease of entry and forced entry. Additionally, options for interior woodgrain colors and popular exterior paint colors, varying internal grid styles and patterns, and multiple choices for glass and hardware enable homeowners to customize our sliding patio doors to fit their own personal aesthetic style. Neopor® insulated, multi-chamber vinyl profiles with 5-3⁄8” frame depth give the Platinum Series sliding glass patio door greater thermal efficiency and increased sound abatement. Because of the deliberate attention to energy efficiency in patio door construction, the Platinum Series patio doors have been independently tested by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to meet strict energy efficiency standards. Platinum Series sliding glass patio doors come standard with Super Spacer Warm Edge Glazing and DLA-UV glass, a high-tech glass package that measurably improves thermal performance—for less heat loss, warmer glass temperatures, year-round energy savings and reduced interior condensation.

platinum patio door with transom

Platinum Patio Door with Transom

platinum patio door with internal grids

Platinum Patio Door with Internal Grids

platinum patio door with woodgrain interior

Platinum Patio Door with Woodgrain Interior

seamless weld on left compared to the old fusion weld on the right

New Seamless Weld (left photo) and Old Fusion Weld (right photo)

Available in 2, 3, or 4-panel configurations in standard and custom sizes


patio door configurations
a diagram comparing fixed sidelites to transoms

Patio Door Grid Patterns

platinum series patio door grid patterns including: colonial 2V5H, cottage 1V2H, double prairie grids, cottage TS-2V1H, single prairie

Available on all patio door styles.

Internal Grid Options

contour grid

Contour Grids

flat grid

Flat Grids

7/8 inch simulated divided lite

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Patio Door Glass Glazing Options with Super Spacer (warm edge technology)

dual pane super spacer

Dual Pane Clear Glass

super spacer
Dual Pane Low-E Argon

Dual Pane with Low-E Argon

super spacer
Triple Pane Low-E Argon

Triple Pane with Low-E Argon

Triple Pane Low-E Krypton

Triple Pane with Low-E Krypton

R-Value reflects properties of the glass only. Center of glass calculations are based upon software from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

While R-value measures resistance to heat transfer, U-value measures the rate of heat transfer. The lower its U-value, the better the product’s ability to resist heat conduction. In simple terms, U-value is the mathematical reciprocal of R-value; that is, U = 1/R and R = 1/U. Energy Star Certified Swinging and Sliding Glass Doors with full glass panels must have a U-Factor value of .26 or lower as of October 23, 2023.

Depending on the region in which you live, you’ll want door glass that keeps cold out and prevents heat from leaving your home in winter and keeps heat out and air conditioning in during the summer.

Our patio door Warm Edge Glazing System is designed to do just that.  Combined with a high R-value, double- or triple-glass unit, insulating chambers filled with Krypton or Argon gas and Super Spacer®, glazing improves the comfort and energy efficiency of entry doors.  Our glazing system is available in seven options, including high-performance Low-E glass and increased UV protection.

Platinum Patio Door Hardware with Keylock

platinum series patio door hardware with keylock styles including: white, sandstone, beige, black, satin nickel, aged bronze, bright brass, antique brass

Platinum Patio Door Colors

We offer a wide selection of interior and exterior paint colors and finishes for our sliding glass patio doors. This variety enables our customers to select a high quality, reliable patio door that complements the interior finishes of their home. The attention to construction design and finish details makes our Platinum Series sliding glass patio doors the best on the market.

Internal Grid Options

frame options featuring frame colors and laminate colors

15-Year Finish Warranty

Exterior Paint Colors

exterior paint options including: white, cream, beige, chateau, sandstone, gray, clay, light blue, dark green, burgandy, bronze, brown, black, night, dark blue, bright red

Sliding Patio Door Options

internal blinds inside patio door glass


Internal Blinds

Venting and Security Lock

Vent Lock featuring a two-part interconnecting system at the sash rail and a ratcheting option at the top of the patio frame giving you multiple venting options. This will be standard on Platinum and Platinum Plus series patio doors. Footlock is available as an option.

patio door vent lock diagram
patio door neopor insulation

Neopor Insulation

Neopor is a graphite polystyrene rigid foam insulation that gives maximum efficiency and sustainability in building products. It is comprised of many small pockets of air within a polymer matrix containing graphite. The graphite reflects radiant heat energy like a mirror, increasing the material’s resistance to the flow of heat, or R-value. Most polymer-based foams exhibit a greater ability to slow the

movement of heat as the temperature decreases; however, Neopor is unique because it increases R-Value as the temperature outside drops.

The vinyl profiles used in our Platinum Series patio door are designed with premium wall cavities providing the highest levels of efficiency. This strong and rigid vinyl extrusion keeps you comfortable in your home without the need for insulation.

To provide further comfort, Neopor insulation is used inside certain cavities for even greater performance. Therefore, you can rest assured both the patio door frame and sash, along with the Neopor insulation, are effectively regulating the temperature inside your home.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is a very important part of preventing air from coming into your home. Our patio doors have weather stripping on the frame and sash, ensuring you get a good seal at the important locations where air could pass through.

Bulb Seal

Bulb seals are seamless closed-cell compression seals that prevent water from penetrating the foam cell structure. Its extruded skin provides a unique UV-resistant barrier with design features that enhance the weather strip’s sealing performance.

patio door bulb seal

Barrier Fin

Seal woven and extruded pile weather stripping with fin provides a very effective barrier against air, water, dust and noise, sealing against even and uneven surfaces with resistance to abrasion.

Accreditation and Testing

All Windows Pittsburgh products are voluntarily tested by a third party and rated in several energy performance categories through the National Fenestration Rating Council. They also meet or exceed standards governed by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

*Specifications subject to change without notice

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