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Perception Versus Reality

Platinum Series Vinyl Windows Versus Composite Windows

Are Composite Replacement Windows Worth the High Price? Here are some things to consider before spending $2,500.00+ on composite windows.

Claim: All vinyl windows are the same.

Fact: That is false! That’s like saying a Chevy and a Lexus are both the same automobile.

Claim: Vinyl windows shrink in cold weather and are not as strong as composite windows.

Fact: All fiberglass, wood, and vinyl replacement windows sold today must be tested and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Vinyl windows would not be legal for sale without first passing NFRC & AAMA certification tests like fiberglass, composite, and wood windows. Fiberglass is subject to warping in extreme cold. Fiberglass patio door panels can bow ¼” in colder weather. Note, fiberglass also shrinks in cold weather!

Claim: Fiberglass and composite windows are more energy efficient than vinyl windows.

Fact: Certified heat loss/gain tests and air leakage tests performed by the NFRC show no significant difference in energy performance numbers between vinyl, fiberglass, or composite windows with standard Low-E Argon glass.

Claim: Fiberglass is a stronger window material than vinyl.

Fact: Fiberglass windows have a limited frame warranty and the glass has a 20-year warranty. Fiberglass frames are not warranted against warping, twisting, or bowing. Patio doors can bow as much as ¼” in colder temperatures. Fiberglass windows are held together with screws and staples and sealed with caulking.

Fact: Our Platinum Series vinyl window comes with a double lifetime warranty that includes glass breakage. Platinum Series double-hung window performance numbers: U-factor: .27 • SHGC 0.21             Air Infiltration 0.05 cfm/ft2.

Effective October 23, 2023 triple-pane glass is required for Energy Star Certification on windows.

Does it make sense to pay twice as much for a fiberglass or composite window with a limited warranty and average energy efficiency? We don’t think so.

When it comes to price, performance, and warranty vinyl replacement windows from Windows Pittsburgh cost less and outperform high-priced fiberglass and composite windows.

*Specifications subject to change without notice

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